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Metal caused a profound change in society, namely by increasing social stratification which would give rise to our modern society, as ornaments and metal weapons were precious objects owned by only a few.

In addition, they enabled greater development of trade.

Mastering the different metal working techniques involved gradual learning, where the most widely used metal varied from one era to the next, and this is generally why the Metal Age is divided into several different eras.

One of Consfer’s business areas also involves marketing a wide range of products, always of the highest quality.

Since our product list is quite vast, we now present only a few examples:

Metallurgical materials (beams, pipes, bars, metal plates, and much more);

Special profiles for steel framework;

Perforated metal plates;


Distended metal;

Cast iron;

Accessories for doors and gates (locks, hinges, and much more).

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